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Verbaas u niet over onze nieuwe ontwikkelingen! Stil staan is achteruit gaan. Wij houden u op de hoogte van al het nieuws binnen Stokvis Tapes Benelux en bieden inspiratie en tips voor betere resultaten. 

Nieuws - Tape en dek af met Stokvis’ Quick Masking folie

Tape en dek af met Stokvis’ Quick Masking folie

07-06-2021 | Als vakman wil je natuurlijk professioneel vakwerk leveren. Naast masking tape is er nu ook Quick Masking. Quick Masking is de must-have voor iedere professionele schilder en klusser die topkwaliteit wil leveren. Quick Masking is dé oplossing om moeiteloos grote oppervlakken te beschermen, af te...

Nieuws - Tochtbanden werken tegen meer dan tocht

Tochtbanden werken tegen meer dan tocht

21-05-2021 | De zomers worden warmer en de winters worden kouder. Bereid elk soort bouwwerk voor op deze klimaatverandering. Zelfklevende tochtbanden is dé manier om iedere binnenruimte te verbeteren. Houd de hitte in de zomer buiten en houd de warmte in de winter binnen!

Nieuws - Gezondheid monitoren met zelfklevende sensoren

Gezondheid monitoren met zelfklevende sensoren

01-04-2021 | Wat ooit begon met het in kaart willen brengen van persoonlijke activiteiten en sportieve prestaties, is tegenwoordig uitgegroeid tot een nieuwe manier om de persoonlijke gezondheid te monitoren. Het gebruik van draagbare biosensoren was de afgelopen jaren al met een grote opwaartse stap bezig. De...

Nieuws - Groot grondstoffentekort als gevolg wereldwijde impact pandemie

Groot grondstoffentekort als gevolg wereldwijde impact pandemie

15-03-2021 | Vrijwel dagelijks lezen we in de kranten dat er grote tekorten aan grondstoffen zijn ontstaan door de wereldwijde impact van de pandemie....

Nieuws - Cleanroom


-- | Healthcare is one of the most important industries. Are you looking for a self-adhesive solution for the medical market? Within the Stokvis group we have cleanroom facilities available where we work to ISO class 8. We can customize self-adhesive tapes and a multitude of flexible materials for your...

Nieuws - Laboratory


-- | In our fully equipped laboratories, we are able to perform tests according to international standards such as AFERA, PSTC, DIN or BS. We test the physical properties of the tapes on tack, peel, split, static and dynamic shear, adhesion on stainless steel, adhesion on LSE, aging and friction. We can...

Nieuws - Precision work

Precision work

-- | Your product self-adhesive? Tape in a special shape? Whether it is one or five layers of tape, Stokvis Tapes brings your ideas to life. We have the knowhow, process development and production capabilities to manufacture self-adhesive tapes in any desired size or shape. This way you can assemble...

Nieuws - Sealing


-- | Did you know? Some of our tapes provide an excellent seal against liquids, gases and dust? Contact our technical experts for more information about sealing with self-adhesive flexible material solutions....

Nieuws - Isolating


-- | In addition to the fact that tape is an excellent mounting tool, self-adhesive solutions can also offer other functions like sound insulation or dampening. Besides, something that is stuck does not rattle. Whether it's insulating heat or insulating sound, tape can help in both situations. How can we...

Nieuws - Customer Innovation

Customer Innovation

-- | Innovate faster with us and optimize your internal processes. From the concept phase through to material selection, design, production, packaging and delivery we support our customers developing innovative and unique products.

Nieuws - Independent


-- | As an independent supplier we can deliver the best of all brands and offer you a complete flexible material package. Where assembly, protection, sealing, packaging, insulation, masking, identification or bonding is an essential part of the production process, we will advise you on the most effective...

Nieuws - Spicing products

Spicing products

-- | Whether you make flying splices or manual ones. We have a wide range of high performing splicing tapes for paper, cardboard, flexible packaging and many other web processing industries. For more information, please contact

Nieuws - Thermal conductive acrylic foam tapes

Thermal conductive acrylic foam tapes

-- | Electronic devices are getting thinner, faster and more powerful. The flip side is that they also generate more heat. Biggest challenge for the electronic industry is to control this heat. Our thermal conductive tapes are designed to fill even the smallest irregularities or air gaps and provide at...

Nieuws - StokLite1


-- | StokLite nonwoven (a blend of PET and PP melt blown fibers) is the perfect solution for automotive NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) applications....

Nieuws - Aluminium Tapes

Aluminium Tapes

31-05-2020 | Want to increase the thermal efficiency of your refrigerator? Seeking improvements in your manufacturing process and cost? We offer a wide range of aluminum tapes to ensure reliable bonding of refrigeration tubes to the refrigerator wall and high heat transfer efficiency....

Nieuws - Wearable tech

Wearable tech

01-10-2020 | Looking for an adhesive solution for a wearable device? From concept phase through material selection, design, production, packaging and delivery; With our process development expertise, we support our customers in developing innovative and unique products. Read more...

Nieuws - Electronic lighting

Electronic lighting

01-10-2020 | Looking for a ventilation solution for lighting? Our StokVent products offer an excellent option for applications that must be sealed from liquid and particle ingress but still be able to vent to avoid condensation.

Nieuws - Long-term durability

Long-term durability

01-10-2020 | With more than 60 years of experience in selected markets, Stokvis Tapes is your trusted partner. We are dedicated to supply only high-quality products that match your specifications and tolerances with a level of service that meets your most demanding requirements. For more information, contact us...