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Special Tapes

Special Tapes - Grease Tape

Grease Tape

79N100 | Grease Tape has a with vaseline-soaked carrier, which is excellent for draining pipes and ducts as an
anti-corrosion treatment. 

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Special Tapes - Plaster Joint Tape

Plaster Joint Tape

GL5010 | Plaster Joint Tape is a seam tape for taping seams of plaster walls, after which grouting or stucco can be done. The tape is asy to roll off and easy to apply. It is also moisture resistant.

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Special Tapes - Anti Slip Tape

Anti Slip Tape

EA14010 | Anti Slip Tape for indoor and outdoor applications. The tape has high adhesive strength and is moisture resistant.

Available in multiple colors. 

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Special Tapes - PTFE Tape


PTFE Tape is excellent for sealing metal and plastic threaded connections. The tape is can be used for water pipes and gas pipes. Has a GASTEC QA quality mark.

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Special Tapes - ResQ Tape

ResQ Tape

ResQ Tape is the ideal sealing and repairing tape for electricity (insulation) and plumbing (leakage). It can also be used under water and on contaminated surfaces. This tape only attaches on its own back. 

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Special Tapes - ResQ Plast

ResQ Plast

ResQ Plast is the plaster 2.0 for the professional craftsman. The tape only attaches to its own back (Velcro system). It can also be used wet and is permanently flexible. 

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