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Renewable Energy - Renewable Energy

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) solutions for Renewable Energy

Whether it's sun energy (solar panels) or wind energy (wind turbines), we have many years of experience providing PSA solutions for the global renewable energy market and are an established partner with the biggest OEM’s. We have deep knowledge of design and technology used in this market and with this we offer unique material solutions covering todays and tomorrows application needs.

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  • Release coatings for turbine blade molds
  • Vacuum sealing for resin molding 
  • Surface protecting of turbine blades stored outside
  • Mounting of in-mold resin filters
  • Glass fabric splicing and holding
  • Mounting of gurney flaps and vortex generators
Renewable Energy - Applications


  • Custom sized mold release tapes and sheets
  • Mounting tapes for filters
  • Custom sized protective cover tapes for outside storage
  • Vacuum sealant tapes for molding
  • High temperature Flashing tape
  • Glass filament splicing and holding tapes
  • Custom sized repair and protective tapes
  • Acrylic foam structural bonding tapes

Requirements vary depending on materials, specification, and application.

It is our ambition to offer high-quality custom-made solutions, securing minimal material waste, at competitive prices. Sign up below to see how we can help you.

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