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Paper & graphic - Paper & graphic

Paper & Graphic Tape and Adhesive Solutions

Stokvis Tapes is a leading supplier of self-adhesive products to the paper and graphics industry. Effective and innovative self-adhesive solutions are offered to customers to optimize production processes and to respond to the growing demand for automation. Use adhesive tapes of Stokvis Tapes throughout your entire production to reduce down time, boost productivity, increase efficiency and safety.

Stokvis Tapes offers a wide variety of single coated, double coated and transfer tapes that are used in the paper, foil, film, converting, printing and graphic industries in order to comply with the most demanding splicing and bonding needs. Automatic splicing, butt and overlap splicing, core starting, reel closing and web repairing are just a few examples.


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Paper & graphic - Paper & Board

Paper & Board

Stokvis Tapes provides a large variety of repulpable and non-repulpable splicing tapes and web repair tapes to meet your demands.

Paper & graphic - Web Processing

Web Processing

Stokvis Tapes offers a complete line of single sided ad double sided tapes for web processing operations such as coating, laminating and converting that present difficult splicing conditions. Stokvis Tapes is able to supply tapes which provide superior adhesion to “difficult-to-adhere-to” surfaces such as plastic films, poly-coated paper, silicone treated liners, non woven and other low-energy surfaces.

Paper & graphic - Printers


Stokvis Tapes offers a comprehensive range of splicing, plate/image mounting and masking/edge sealing adhesive tapes tailored to different printing process requirements. We supply tapes from the industries best known suppliers specifically designed to meet the challenge of today’s high demanding adhesion needs required by newsprinters, web heat-set offset, rotogravure, flexographic, screen and digital printers.

Paper & graphic - Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts

Stokvis Tapes meets the needs of the graphic industry by offering the best possible innovative adhesives solutions and a wide range of adhesive tapes. We supply products with high performance adhesives systems in a single sided, double sided and transfer form for applications requiring UV and temperature resistance, high adhesion, superior optical properties, removable and repositionable features.

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