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Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

Full-Service Solutions Built on over 60 years of Experience.

Our innovative, technology-driven customer centric approach has led to hundreds of successful product launches in multiple markets. As a converter and supply chain partner for OEMs and tier suppliers, we champion your project from beginning to end. From unique and custom application development, to a thorough knowledge of compliance issues to creative use of specialty materials, we have the deep understanding and skillset you need in the following markets:


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Markets - Markets
Markets - Automotive

Automotive and eMobility Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

Automotive and eMobility Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

Markets - Building & construction

Building & Construction Tape and Adhesive Solutions

Stokvis tapes has the products and application knowledge to meet the most demanding and challenging needs of building & construction.

Markets - Renewable Energy

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) solutions for Renewable Energy

Whether it's sun energy (solar panels) or wind energy (wind turbines), we have many years of experience providing PSA solutions for the global renewable energy market and are an established partner with the biggest OEM’s.

Markets - Electronics

Electronic Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

With a global network of experienced local engineering support professionals dedicated to meet the challenges of major OEM, ODM and EMS requirements, we offer a first class level of technical support through our Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) program.

Markets - Healthcare

Medical Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

Access to unique materials, advanced manufacturing processes (including precise laser die cutting for microfluidics applications and multiple cleanrooms), multiple ISO quality standard certifications, and Continuous Partner Involvement bring precision, compliance and ultimate optimization for products at every level of sophistication.

Markets - Aerospace

Aeronautical, Space and Defence Specialist Supplier in Adhesives, Abrasives and Ingredients.

Whether it comes to extreme conditions or saving weight, Stokvis Tapes is the specialist in supplying a complete range of self-adhesive tape quality products to the aerospace industry including; aircraft manufacturers, aircraft engines manufacturers, their subcontractors, maintenance, repair and overhaul shops and individual airliners. With our stringent quality control systems we meet all your demands for safety and logistic services.

Markets - Paper & graphic

Paper & Graphic Tape and Adhesive Solutions

Stokvis Tapes offers effective and innovating self-adhesive solutions to optimize production and to respond to the growing demand for automation. Our tape solutions cover all possible applications in the 4 segments of the Paper & graphic industry.

Markets - Wholesale

Tapes for wholesale