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The tape test center of Stokvis Tapes

Stokvis Tapes Benelux has its own laboratory in the Netherlands. Besides, we work together globally with laboratories on multiple other Stokvis Tapes locations.

Knowledge center offers unique service

Our Knowledge Center offers a unique service. Our lab technicians can quickly and accurately test the tape features on your own material. We can simulate all kinds of conditions with our climate cabinets and other test equipment. Tapes must be able to perform under various conditions. This is how Stokvis Tapes tests if the self-adhesive tape is a reliable bond for your unique application.

For the right self-adhesive tape selection we perform tests on the following:

  • Substrate / surface tension
  • Force / load
  • Temperature resistance
  • Resistance to various environmental conditions (e.g. chemicals, electricity or UV rays)

Tape test capabilities

Our laboratory technicians can quickly and accurately test the tape features on your own material by using a broad range of tests:

  • Peel test
    Her the adhesion of the tape gets tested.
  • Abrasion test
    Here the abrasion resistance of the tape carrier gets tested.
  • Static shear test
    Here the shear strength of the tape gets tested.  
  • Water pressure test
    Here the water pressure resistance of the tape gets tested.
  •  Flame test
    Here the flammability of the tape gets tested in various ways.
  • Tack test
    Here the initial tack of the tape gets tested.
  • Climate chamber
    Here the resistance against diverse environmental conditions gets tested.   
  • UV chamber
    Here the UV resistance of the tape gets tested.
  • Convection oven
    In the convection ovens, tape ages faster due to elevated temperatures. The temperature resistance of the tape is also tested here.

Also test it yourself!

Inside the research center, we test tapes in diverse circumstances, but you will also need to test the tape in practice. After all, you are the specialist in your field. In this way, we can see if the tape perform in practice just as well as in the laboratory . Together, we will work out the best reliable solution for you.

Looking for a high quality tape application? Stokvis Tapes tests different self-adhesive tape properties on your own material in-house. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with more information.

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