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Capabilities - Capabilities

Precision Manufacturing Capabilities

Stokvis Tapes delivers focused and specialized services to meet the needs of your product. Our industry leading service capabilities are dedicated to ensuring production and the environment are optimized and controlled to meet the specific needs of each customer and application.

Our service goes beyond providing the best tape for your application. With our in-house converting machines, we can customize tapes to any desired size or shape.

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Capabilities - Die cutting

Die cutting

Die-cut tapes offer you the possibility to engineer new shapes and new combinations of material. We will help you reduce application time or find a creative solution for new self-adhesive products.

Capabilities - Laminating


Stokvis Tapes can make either your own products self-adhesive or laminate different tapes and other flexible materials on each other. Whether it’s one layer or five, we can bring your ideas to life and create unique, easy to apply material solutions.

Capabilities - Cutting


Stokvis Tapes can slit tapes in the width you need within a couple of hours. This way your tape is easier to use with less waste. Using tape in the exact size you need will enable you to save time and money.

Capabilities - Rewinding


If you need a special roll length, Stokvis Tapes can provide tapes at almost any desired length. We slit your products in the exact width by winding a large master roll through a series of blades while rewinding to the specific length required.

Capabilities - Printing


Stokvis Tapes can print text and images on several different types of tape. Whether it’s for identification, marking or promotional purpose, let us customize tape for you.

Capabilities - Spooling


Spooled (bobbin wound) tapes are the solution for you when you want to reduce your production stops. Roll length up to 20.000 meters are possible to reduce your line stops to their minimum.

Capabilities - Testcentrum

The tape test center of Stokvis Tapes

Stokvis Tapes Benelux has its own laboratory in the Netherlands. Besides, we work together globally with laboratories on multiple other Stokvis Tapes locations.

True Partnership for Innovation


Relentless focus in specific markets translates to deep understanding of specific demands and needs as well as cross-market innovation, so engineering and technical teams can partner with you to get to market faster with products optimized in the effective ways.

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