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How to apply self-adhesive tape?

Self-adhesive tapes are quick and very easy to apply by anyone, but the steps below should be taken into account for the right end result. 

1. Cleaning

The surface for applying an adhesive tape needs to be cleaned from dust and degrease. Tape applied on a dirty surface, won’t obtain proper adhesive strength. Use an approximately 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) on a soft lint-free cloth to clean your surface. Clean your surface thoroughly. In the end, there cannot be any streakiness, degrease or dust left on the surface(s) you want to bond. Let the surface dry completely.

For your convenience we have individually packed, dust-free Stokvis IPA wipes available, please contact us if interested.

cleaning ipa stokvis

2. Priming (optional)

Products with low surface energy, like PE or PP, are dif cult to bond. In these cases a special tape or a primer could help out.

Please contact Stokvis for advice.

priming tape

3. Applying

Once the cleaning and priming agents have completely dried, the tape should be lightly and evenly applied. Then, the tape can be pressed down with your hands, a pressure roller, or a press with a force of 1-1,5 kg/cm2.

apply tape


  • Please pay attention to the quality of the surface onto which you will be applying your tape. For example a metal or wooden surface that has been poorly or badly painted will ruin all your work. Paint which is not holding well to the subject will not guarantee a secure join.
  • The optimal range for applying adhesive tapes is between 15 °C and 35 °C. Please make sure the materials to bond and the adhesive tapes themself all have the same temperature. It’s best to place all products in the same room at optimal temperature at least 24 hours before bonding them to avoid dampness/humidity.
  • Prevent stretching of the tape and make sure no air gets trapped between the tape and the surface, which could loosen the bond. Prevent overload, too much pressure could squeeze out the adhesive. The load should be spread evenly over the adhesive bond. Use more pressure on rough surfaces versus smooth surfaces.

important dont's tape

4. Adhesion Strength

Depending on the properties of the surface and the type of the tape used, full adhesion strength is achieved after 24 to 72 hours. For information regarding service temperature after the final adhesive bond is achieved, please check the datasheet of the self-adhesive tape.

adhesion strenght tape

Download the tape application guide here.